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Ammo Brass Shell Catcher



The Ammo Brass Shell Catcher protects the ejected brass from getting damaged and allows you to reuse those spent brass casings. The brass catcher works tight to the ejection port and catch the flying brass, saving your clean-up time and avoiding the hot cartridge cases landing on people at the range. An incorporated hook and loop strap fits forearm of AR-15 and keeps the catcher securely against the weapon. Adjustable velcro strap loop attaches easily and securely around the different sized handguards or forends of your rifle without interfering the function of firearm. Zippered bottom makes you no need to remove bag from Rifle to empty the brass, also no more brass lost. Captures and holds approximately 30 rounds. 


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Designed with large capacity can easily hold 60 cartridge brass.
  • A thick wire frame holds the catcher in the correct way on the ejection port.
  • Bottom zipper allows you to empty the bag without removing it from your rifle.
  • A good option to keep out of the ground and prevents hot brass from hitting anyone near you.
  • An incorporated hook and loop strap wraps around the forearm of any AR-15, keeping the catcher securely against the gun.
  • FUNCTION: Mounts to any extendable magazine rifle with a flat top or Picatinny rail hand guard and is compatible with most AR-10/LR-308 models












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